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IRIA 2007 - 60th Annual Congress

4 Days, 7 Halls simulataneously + Central Projection Room
at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

As well as Live Surgery Workshops
4 Operation Theatres <=> Auditorium Live
at Nair Hospital, Mumbai

From conceptualisation (above) to production, Mediacenter successfully handled the IRIA Diamond Jubillee 60th Annual Conference held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai from 4th - 7th January 2007 as well the 4 Operation Theatre to Auditorium Live Surgery Workshops at Nair Hospital on the 3rd.

Complete Audio Visual Equipment & Services for both events including cabling for the Live Surgeries
and also for the 7 Halls which were networked to a single Central Projection Room.

The Conference was a huge success right from
*all the branding & backdrops in every room,
*the program signages,
*live plasma signages,
*live plasma feeds outside every room with PIP to see both the Presenter and lecture simultaneously, *complete sound systems inside all rooms
*as well as a single connected sound system for announcements
in areas like the exhibition, reception & other outdoor hangars
*all Audio-Visuals such as High End LCD Projectors, Masked Screens, Video Recording & Relay
*all laptops/computers and networking
*complete Technical & Managerial staff on site


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